3 Simple Strategies To Deal With Your Critics

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How many of us have experienced negativity? Hi, Al Bargen Here. Chances are, everyone reading this article. For writers, the negativity can be at every turn. It can come in the form of hateful Amazon reviews, negative online comments, emails, or even rejection letters. Just scroll through the comments on any webpage and you will notice that at least a few come off as seriously hateful and downright mean. But you can stay positive and continue to do your own thing despite that. Here’s how.

What Damage Negativity Can Do

No matter what you do, you are bound to be put down, sometime. Negativity can do some serious damage to self-esteem, as well as the overall quality of your work and your life. Studies show that our brain is hardwired to remember criticism. For many of us, criticism is even easier to remember than praise. Not only do we remember negativity more than positivity, but it takes far more many positive comments for us to feel validated after receiving just one negative comment. Think about this before you harshly criticize someone else, their lifestyle, or their writing for no good reason.

Ignoring Your Own Radio Station

One famous writer says that she often feels that there is a radio station playing in her head, constantly, telling her that she cannot write, cannot do anything good, and will ultimately fail. And this is from a successful novelist and journalist! However, she has learned to tune out this radio station. When she does she finds that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. You can do the same thing. Just remember that you are, most likely, your biggest critic. Seemingly negative comments that you take to heart may not mean anything to others, even those that say them. Learn to ignore them and do your thing.

Rising Above Hatred

There are plenty of ways to rise above the negativity that one faces in the writing world. Here are just a few ways:
• Do not criticize others for no reason.
• When someone hates on you, be sure to not take their comments seriously. Also be sure that you understand these people are probably just projecting insecurities onto you.
• If you can confront someone for what you feel is a negative comment, do it. Show them that you really are a wonderful person.
• Do not listen to the criticism your own brain spouts.
• Keep on keeping on.

One thing I do, when I am feeling particularly susceptible to listening to the criticism, is intentionally think of five positive thoughts, for every negative one that ‘pops-up’ after getting criticized. I know this may surprise you that a guy like me, a man with black-belts in three different martial arts can be bothered by negative criticism, but it can happen. I consciously attack-back with five times the energy, and think of the many emails, comments, and reviews that gush with praise. This works for me, give it a try next time you find yourself in the cross-hairs.

Hope this helps. Do your fellow writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs a favor and share your best method to deal with the negativity trolls.

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