5 Audience Targeting Shortcuts

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Hi my name is Nick Brodd and when I started writing my first book, I wanted it to touch everyone. Rich, poor, young, old and everything in between. It just seemed wise to not narrow my audience. After all, I wanted as much sales as possible, right?

Now being older and wiser I can of course say that this was a major mistake. Instead I should have carefully narrowed down my target audience and just written to one specific person.

You see when you are writing for everyone, your examples must be broad and general. You’re losing focus and won’t be able to get straight to one reader. You’re losing your ability to rapidly influence and engage.

By instead writing for just one person, an avatar, you can communicate directly to that inidividual. You can make a more real connection, by speaking straight to them. Almost as if you know them.

Who Should You Consider As Your Audience?

Once I finally realized my mistake, I was struggling making this critical decision. Not only did I need a target maket that was financially appealing, I also needed to pick someone who I understood. Someone who I could get into the head of.

Here’s five audience targeting shortcuts I suggest you consider. I suggest you focus on five people you know well.

  1. You History. Write the book towards who you were at a certain point of your life. Tap into the deepest desires, struggles and feelings you had at that point. Describe how you got from that point to where you are today. Chances are your audience will resonate with you!
  2. You Today. Where are you right now? What do you enjoy? What do you struggle with? Use the events happening in your life today. Share your circumstances and challenges and how you deal with them. Your readers will love to hear that they are not the only ones with these struggles.
  3. You Tomorrow. At this stage we’re starting to get into more unknown territory. But how about writing to the person you want to be in 5 or 10 years? Write about what you want to be doing or even who you don’t want to become.
  4. Your Pal. Now enter the head of one of your good friends. Describe the struggles they’re having. Share your insights on how you would handle them. But do it without revealing too much personal information. Or write about that person who really inspires you and how they do that.
  5. Your Star. Use someone who really interests you as your target audience, like one of your mentors or even a celebrity. Consume everything they produce such as blog posts, interviews, webinars, books, and so on. Stay focused on what it is that they are struggling with. Then begin writing for them. Solve their problems.

Finding who to write for can be a struggle. By picking someone on this list, you’ll hopefully have a great start. Zero in on one person and start writing!

Who’s your ideal reader? Please leave a comment.

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