5 Reasons Every Writer Should Consider Using Slideshare

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What if I told you that there is a tool out there that could help you grow your following, get you to rank better in Google, could increase your opt-ins and create website traffic. Would you be interested?

Hi Nick Brodd here. The solution might be simpler than you think. I’m talking about the social media site Slideshare where you can upload your presentations and show them to the world.

At Writers Rise we have the privelidge to work with a lot of dedicated writers. If your book or blog is anything like theirs, the quality of your work is pretty awesome.

The problem you’re having is your reach. You don’t yet have a large enough audience, so your book isn’t selling as well as you’d like. That’s where Slideshare can help.

Each month Slideshare has about 60 million unique visitors and some 200 million visits. While it compared to Facebook’s one billion unique visitors might appear small, it’s still a lot of eyeballs.

And this is a platform where we believe writers have a competitive advantage. You already have a lot of quality content. Your efforts at this stage are simply limited to repurposing that content into presentation slides and sharing them on Slideshare.

So here’s 5 reasons we at Writers Rise are preparing to launch our own Slideshare presence:

  1. The Audience. Slideshare’s demographic isn’t focused on photos of people’s cats. Their audience wants high quality content. This matches with what we and our customers want (most of the day).
  2. Cross Promotion. Slideshare can enhance your presence on other social media platforms, as they have awesome sharing abilities. So rather than competing with your other web initiatives, this is a platform that enhances other content strategies.
  3. Search Ranking. Slideshare is a high traffic site. As such, the content you create on that site has better chances to show up in Google and other search engines.
  4. Inbound Links. You can leverage Slideshare’s high ranking even further by adding a link to your website in your Slideshare presentations. That way you gain a quality inbound link.
  5. Capture Leads. When you sign up for Slideshare’s premium service you’re able to add a short form to your presentation, which automatically asks your viewers to leave their information. It’s a very effective opt-in.

As you can see, we think Slideshare offers a lot of opportunities. But just like with everything else that works well for someone online, competition will increase over time. So my encouragement today is to seriously consider launching your own Slideshare strategy.

I can’t wait to report back to you about our own experiences in launching our own Slideshare presence. So that’s my thoughts on the topic. What’s your experience with Slideshare?

Image by NinaMalyna / Bigstockphoto.com

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