5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Still Works

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If you blog in an effort to market your book, you’ve probably heard some of the naysayers. “Content marketing can’t be effective anymore, because information is free on the Web”.

Hi, Al Bargen here and I’m sure this would sound true to the uninitiated. In fact, one may be inclined to think it is a waste of time to create yet another piece of information for your ‘niche of choice’. After all, how are you going to stand out in the ‘sea of sameness’ with an avalanche of new content being created by the hour?

The Good News

Content marketing still works, and for many reasons. I will list the five reasons that delivering rich content works and works well.

1. We are not very effective learners

When can you say you have learned all there is to learn in your niche of choice? When can you hold your head high, and declare “I’ve done it, I have learned all there is to learn about topic X?”

Successful individuals dedicate themselves to lifelong learning. Your target audience is eager to consume rich content that is pertinent to their pursuits.

2. We are not inclined to be fast at learning

An old preacher delivered a sermon that was practically identical to the one he delivered the previous two Sundays. Next week rolled around, and yet again the same message was delivered with the same passion and zeal. Afterwards, a few of the members spoke with the elderly man and mentioned that he was perhaps delivering the same message. Upon hearing their concerns, he told them “I’m glad you noticed. The fact is I am going to keep speaking this same message to you until I can see it is sinking in!”

How many book are there in the self-help section dealing with procrastination? One? two maybe? No, there are countless thousands of books on similar topics. Why is this? The fact is that we require repetition. We need to read or hear the same message multiple times, in different ways until it sinks in.

3. New experiences and ideas are always being generated

We wrote in a previous post that no one on this planet is capable of writing the same book that you are. No one has the same experience and therefore the exact same message, and perhaps even more importantly, the same delivery that you can give. Some people will love the method in which you, and only you can deliver your message.

4. When you email your list, you are making it as easy as possible for the end-user.

Sure your reader can find similar information elsewhere if they choose to search for it. But aren’t we busier than ever in this modern world with its cutting-edge conveniences? When you deliver your rich content to their inboxes, your reader is receiving information they may have never known existed. This service is seen as a value to the right readers.

5. This isn’t your typical ‘Information Marketing’ we’re talking about here.

We are talking about you sharing your knowledge with people who are drowning in a sea of information. What I mean is, you aren’t merely providing facts, or trivial treats to your readers. You blend your experience, analysis, and knowledge into something that is actionable to your readers. It is the action steps you provide that enables your reader to take that next step towards whatever it is they seek. This is a powerful thing.

Throw the lifeline of actionable ideas or practical advice by the way of rich content as only you can deliver it. Your ideal audience is out there and they are craving your message, they are in need of your practical advice. What are you waiting for?

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