8 Blog Topic Templates For Infinite Topic Ideas

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Stuck for blog topic ideas?

Hi, Al Bargen here, and it can be challenging some times to come with someting fresh to write about. When you are stuck, just use any of these templates for an almost infinite number of possible variations, to come up with some amazing ideas for blog content.

1. Answer common questions

Go to Yahoo Answers and type in your niche, you will be sure to find many questions in your area. Just pick out some questions and write a blog post with the answers. You can do a little research to puff it out, and you’re done. There are millions of questions you could answer.

2. News Stories

News will always be happening, that’s why it’s the news. Find ways to tie in the current news with your niche, or find news in your niche. You can sign up to Google alerts to get notifications of stuff happening in your niche so you are always on the ball.

3. Tutorials and Guides

Go to ehow.com or YouTube to find some basic guides and tutorials in your niche. There are probably many areas which you can help your audience, and all you need to do is find a tutorial and turn it into a written post.

4. Things I never said

It’s always nice to connect to your readers on a personal level. One of the best ways is by revealing more of yourself with these “things I never said” topics. It can be things you never said, but want to now. It can be secrets about your past or things you haven’t yet revealed.

5. Image/video of the week

It’s easy to find any video or image on the Internet and it can make a great easy blog topic or post. This can make another two blogs per week, just find an image or video and talk about it a little bit. Simple.

6. Case Studies

You can find stories online in forums or studies that have been published in your niche. This may not work for every niche but in some there are millions of stories, successes and people talking about their paths. You can easily change peoples names or mention them directly and turn them into a case study type blog.

7. Benefits that no one talks about

Pick any benefit surrounding your niche and talk about relevant issues that no one seems to mention. Of course other people can mention it, however this title is a good hook for the reader e.g. “7 Secrets About [Benefit] That No one talks about”. It’s a simple and easy one and you can find many benefits in your niche to talk about.

8. Product Battles

Lastly, you can host a product showdown and compare two products in your niche. This is a great way to create some affiliate commissions as well if you are promoting amazon products or digital products that have an affiliate system. Alternatively it can just be informative. Just get two products in your area, two books, two items, or whatever it is, and compare them in a quick and easy blog post.

These are some simple ideas for you to get started on your blog, and each template can create hundreds or thousands of new potential ideas. When you start to write you will come up with many more ideas as well, so take note and keep building your portfolio of templates to use on your blog.

image by Kosoff – Bigstockphoto.com


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