How 3 Women Entrepreneurs I Never Met Rapidly Made Me a Better Man

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Hi my name is Nick Brodd and if you are like me you sometimes find human nature bizarre. The truth is that most habit changes are doomed to fail. Very few people can tell themselves to start exercising tomorrow and actually do it.

You want to know my secret? Tell your friends that you will start exercising tomorrow and your chances improve. Even better, tell a friend that you will show up at their door step and go to the gym together with them and there is almost a 100% certainty that you will show up.

While most of us are happy to live a life lying to ourselves, very few of us are ok with lying to our friends faces. And herein lays an amazing and often untapped opportunity. Your friends can become your accountability partners. They have the power to both rejuvenate your energy and enable you to accomplish far beyond what you can do going at it alone.

While I’ve been aware of this fact and used it to my advantage for a long time, I recently discovered a solution that takes things to the next level and makes it more effortless than it’s ever been.

You see the challenge was always to find the right accountability partner. But then recently I joined Sandi Krakowski‘s Inner Circle. And with a common cause at hand it only took me a few moments to form relationships with a couple of fellow entrepreneurs. A few of us agreed to hold each other accountable.

What’s so surprising to me is that this was all done via Facebook. You see, just a few months ago I was against the whole concept of social media. I just thought it wasn’t for me. But it’s remarkable what kind of response you can get if you just reach out to people. And there is no reason to be shy.

I can’t promise that everyone will be as nice as Domari DickinsonMichelle EstradaLiz Neilson Tennyson that recently joined my inner circle as accountability partners. But there is no reason to be shy. After all what’s the worst thing that can happen? You will probably never meet the people that turn you down anyways.

The simple radical truth, that many people want to avoid thinking about, is that it takes action to get results. A lot of it! So if you haven’t done so already, kiss the word accountability partner hello today. Get it into your daily vocabulary and routine.

So if you haven’t already done so, say hello to a few new accountability partners already today. Go to Facebook, join a group relevant to what you do and find a few new partners who want to work with you. Tell them that you will have a chapter written by tomorrow, that you will launch a new marketing campaign by Friday or whatever. Then get into the habit of telling your accountability partners what you plan to do every day. And be ready, because very soon you will see your sense of accountability rise and exceptional results will follow!

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