Appearing Busy VS Being Productive

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While you might think that being busy all the time is a good thing, in truth it can actually hamper your progress quite severely. If you are busy all the time and don’t have any time to unwind or relax, it’s going to start getting in the way of your success and actually getting things done.

Being “busy” simply means that you aren’t quite as focused on getting the right things done as you should be. For those of us who work most days or for ourselves this can be a pretty regular feeling. Without enough time to go and try out different experiences or implement new strategies, “busy” becomes the default. If you aren’t actually focused on a project then it can easily lose its efficiency and quality very quickly. If you were properly focused, though, you wouldn’t feel quite so busy – can you see the conundrum here?

While in today’s society somebody who is always busy is widely praised and seen as the template, the real template should be those who look totally calm & composed but are getting the results needed. An office will try and tell every employee that they should be the first in the door and the last out – this is seen as the way that all staff should operate their lives. This extra burden can make it quite tough for staff to reject any extra time in favor of personal development.

Many of us confuse time spent working with actual productivity – just because you spent eight hours in front of the laptop today does not mean that you got your objectives completed. You could have, with the right mindset and focus, been able to complete those same tasks in three or four hours, and still have completed it to a higher standard than you did!

Whether it’s a lack of experience in the subject you are undertaking or the workload that you are carrying, taking on too much is the quickest way to damage your credentials and your performance. With so many regular innovations across the web and the world today, people are beginning to turn to the idea of always being busy trying to come up with the new mega solution. While many of us will charge around the office in a frantic daze trying to come across as “busy” a more relaxed and reserved attitude may have resulted in far more being accomplished by the end of the day.

Remember – your performance is only matched by your results. A simple loss of focus is usually the case for many of us, and some calibration of what you are actually trying to achieve can be all we need to jolt us back into life and get the most important information engaged into our day. If you aren’t willing to focus your time on the task at hand in front of you, then pile-ups and overtime are always going to be part of your work life.

Just remember that anytime the world feels like it simply has too much going on, you need to take a step back and just analyze the situation and remind yourself that you aren’t actually that busy! Mindset is everything here, and being busy is much easier to actually deal with if you just stay concentrated on the job in front of you, not the entire day or week ahead.

How do you maintain focus while writing? Please share your methods with your fellow writers in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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