Are These 3 Ways To Shape Books Keeping You From Growing?

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No question. Talent is useful. But pure talent is a useless long-term determinant of success. Couple talent with determination and perseverance and you’ll be closer to the true path to victory. Today, however I want to cover how environment shapes true writing champions.

Hi this is Nick Brodd. When hiring editors for non-fiction books I often meet people whose writing skills are far better than the actual content they are able to write on their own. Don’t get me wrong, these people have awesome talent, but they live a life that undermines their overall success.

Yes, talent is important. So is education. But in the end it is our experiences that makes or breaks us as authors. In my own experience, those experiences are shaped by three key forces.

  1. Your Traditions. Many times it is your habits that on an unconcious level shape what you write about. Good habits lead to good results. If we develop the habit of positive thinking, our books will inspire. If we exercise, we will be more productive. We will have more enegy and can write better and faster. Bad habits on the other hand tend to lead to very negative results. For instance, expect that everything in life will be easy and you’ll probably never persevere and finish your books.
  2. Your Content Consumption. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “garbage in garbage out”. The same is true in writing books. The fastest way to grow is to learn from others. Read good books and magazines, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, go to conferences and your ability to create great content grows. But unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Consume to much mindless TV shows or read too many books written by authors who don’t know what they are talking about, because they’ve never practiced what they preach and you’ll see the quality of your own content development take a dive.
  3. Your Deepest Affiliations. The people you hang out with influence you. Tony Robbins often says “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships”. The people around you will direct your attention to different aspects of life. They’ll tell you stories. They’ll share their experiences. They’ll talk about what they just learnt. And so on. It’s raw material that shape our inspiration and thought patterns – positive or negative. So choose wisely who you affiliate yourself with!

Few things are more important to our effectiveness as non-fiction writers than how we cultivate what we write about. Why? Because non-fiction readers come to you for quality content. Ultimately it’s what will boost or destroy the growth of sales.

Question: Which of these three forces do you need to cultivate further in your development as an effective author?

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