Are You an Overwhelmed ‘Writer-Preneur?’

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Your mind races from one unfinished task to the next. “My goodness, my business partner is going to be so disappointed with me” you imagine. I didn’t get any progress on this project so far this week. I have some work shifts coming up in a particular job that I would rather not do. These are going to occupy a lot of hours this week, and the pay will barely be worth it. There’s no chance I can get other work done while performing this task. It’s one random thought to the next, all filled with unfinished tasks, and despair. All these thoughts bombarding your conscious mind spell trouble to your writing productivity.

Hi, Al Bargen here. This is not the life you envisioned when you signed up for that book writing course, or started your blog. If any of this rings even slightly true for you, there is hope. The big revelation is the fact that there was a lot of energy being employed, convincing you how overwhelmed you are. There were (or are) a lot of mental resources being utilized in all the wrong ways.

There is a big universal truth to be realized here. I call it a ‘moment of clarity.’ This is where the universe seems to touch you on the forehead and you have an incredibly clear thought, a ‘universal truth.’ Anyways, the big universal truth that struck me this morning was the following idea…

The worse you feel, the better things are… potentially.

The idea was that it is actually rather amazing, and awesome that I feel so bad about these things. In fact, the worse I feel… The better things are! Allow me to explain.

It takes energy to accomplish things. And all of these negative thoughts and feelings of overwhelm, are direct evidence that you have a huge wealth of energy reserved to accomplish these tasks. It’s simply being miss-deployed. I’ll say that again. Any, and all despair or negativity your are experiencing is energy that you have to use as you see fit. Simply align yourself with this energy, and turn it into your ally. Join the war. The war on any thoughts you may have that are anything but certainty of your success.

So if, or when you find yourself feeling those crushing thoughts regarding all the things that may be in the way of your writing success, turn around and feel good as a direct result. Feel assured that you have a wealth of energy that can now be re-deployed to see these things through to completion. Simply choose not to participate in any thought that doesn’t contribute to a solution.

If you need any help at all, we are here for the express purpose of getting you back on the write-path. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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Of course we are here to answer any of your questions on topics that most writers face. Feel encouraged to ask questions in the comments area, and we will get an answer to you. Thanks.

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