Are Your Utilizing Your Mailing List For Maximum Results?

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As an author, you are probably building (or attempting to build) an email list. This list is extremely important for those authors who write for purposes that go beyond a mere hobby. Perhaps you want to alert your readers to the next book in your series, or maybe your mission is to inform as many people as you can regarding your niche, or topic of choice. Regardless of the reason, email lists are an integral part of marketing online.

There are 18 things you should be sending out on your mailing lists. If you are not using your mailing list to the max than you are not getting everything you can out of your mailing list. Taking the time to really utilize your mailing list by using it for the following is going to help you get the most out of your efforts.

1 Weekly Summaries– use your mailing lists to send out weekly updates about news for your business.

2 Share Some How To’s-how to content explaining how to do something or how to achieve something is valuable information that is great to share.

3 Share Some New Information– educational content is a great way to share your knowledge about your industry.

4 Share Checklists-Help those on your mailing lists with checklists that they can print out and use to achieve their goals and stay on task.

5 Quizzes and Worksheets– send out quizzes about your material is a great way to get people involved.

6 Share Product Information– when you find a great product or a not so great product share the information with a quick review.

7 Relevant Statistics– share some enlightening statistics that are relevant to the industry.

8 Collect the questions you get and compile an FAQ newsletter and share it via your mailing lists.

9 Share your thoughts on industry news. The idea is to get people involved with what you have to think and offer. You can start some interesting conversations by sharing your thoughts and impressions.

10 Special Promotions– offer coupons and special promotions to new comers and even for loyalty members.

11 Use your mailing list to get the news out about your industry.

12 Hold a few contests. Keep the contests and sweepstakes down to about one per quarter because they do become sort of spammish after a while.

13 Share Tips– you can use your mailing lists to share “insider” tips.

14 Share Links– if you have a video channel share the links via your mailing lists.

15 Share News about live events or webinars that you are holding.

16 Share Interviews with industry insiders. Hold interviews with people that are respected in your field and share the interview with the people on your mailing lists.

17 Share Your Challenges– let people on your mailing lists know what is going on with you. If you are experiencing some challenges let them know. You never know you may get some amazing feedback that can help you to solve your issues.

18 Share Fun Images– Its fine to keep it light. You can share fun images once in a while that are relevant to the industry.

Use as many of the above as seems right for your niche, and your personal style. Take a look at your analytics and do more of what works, and make subtle tweaks to what doesn’t work as well. In no time, you will have a successful strategy that helps you get the most from your list.

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