5 Powerful Techniques to Solve the Pure Writers Nasty Money Challenge

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Hi my name is Nick Brodd and if you’re limiting your content development to books, blogs and tweets, you’re in serious trouble. Because as you very well know, to stay in business people need to know, like and trust you. Unfortunately the written language isn’t the best instrument for that.

To make a real connection with your audience, meeting in person is best, but as that often isn’t practical, you must allow your audience to at least once in a while hear your voice and see what you look like. Because once they do, a connection will develop and they will start hearing your voice inside their head even when they read your material.

That said I do realize I might be making some people uncomfortable right now. My 3-year-old twin daughter Angelina, loves dancing and acting in front of the video camera. Even to the extent that she often asks me to film her so we can watch. Me and her twin brother David? Hmmm, let’s just say not so much. But the truth is that what hurts at first sometimes pays off in the long run.

Just look at the biggest brands that you follow. Do they use videos or audio to build a relationship with you? Well, if you stop doing tweets and posts all day long, you can enable others to build stronger relationships with you in the same way the big guys do.

If you’re still skeptical, here are five powerful techniques that will help you overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs for producing your own videos:

  1. On social media less is often more. Short videos often convert better than really long ones. Even 20 seconds video snippets can do. And you can suffer through 20 seconds of pain right?
  2. Mirror, mirror on the wall. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, simply start off with just recording your screen while you are talking. Make a Powerpoint presentation or just put a photo or a quote on the screen relevant to the content. Then use screen recording software while talking.
  3. Start small, grow big. Once you build enough experience and confidence with shorter screen recording snippets, start to once in a while making 1-2 minute snippets, or make some where people can actually see you standing there talking.
  4. Practice, practice and practice. The more you practice the better you will get and with persistence you will one day wake up being absolutely awesome. So you say it will take you 100 shots to make a good snippet? So what? You’re only recording 20 seconds each time anyways, so 100 shots only requires 30 minutes of your time.
  5. Persevere and expand. Force yourself to not give up and then follow my lead over the next four weeks. Make one video this week. Two videos next week. Three the week after and four the week after that. I am sure you will see amazing progress already while you make these 10 videos.

So what should you teach, joke or talk about? Well, the reality is that if you have any content at all that is getting any sort of traffic, that’s where you should start. Your books, blogs and tweets are filled with treasures that your target audience likes. So to get started just grab one of the more popular ones and turn it into a video snippet.

Many people think they will need a lot of equipment for this. However, it’s surprisingly true that you probably don’t need to buy any new equipment at all.

  • If you own a decently modern computer and an iPhone 4 or similar (or a newer smart phone), you pretty much got all hardware you need.
  • I suggest you use the software Jing on your PC for making screen recordings. It’s great and it’s free.
  • If you are recording yourself speaking on camera, lighting is critical. For perfect lighting, just go outside and use the natural daylight to your advantage.
  • If you want to have better sound quality you may want to invest in a lavalier mic that you connect to your phone (I use the following $20 mic for my iPhone 4S), but in most cases you won’t even need that.

Competition on the internet is growing. And the time for you to make a mark is now. So open your calendar right away and schedule an hour when you will start recording and producing. Maybe even print this article out or copy a link to this blog post into your calendar so you have it ready when you start the task.

In just 4 weeks you can both develop a great new habit and a much stronger voice in your market. So join my 4 weeks to 10 videos challenge today. Because when your appeal grows, your audience will expand exponentially and so will your competitive advantage.

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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