How I Rapidly Got My First 1,000 Twitter Followers & How I Now Keep Adding 100 Per Day

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Hi my name is Nick Brodd. Twitter is a dumb idea. That’s what I would have said 6 months ago. I simply couldn’t see how quality content could be conveyed in just 140 characters. Fortunately I recognized that many of my potential customers are on Twitter. And although greatly procrastinating on the topic, I am smart enough to understand that I need to be where my customers are.

Today just six weeks into it, Twitter has greatly grown on me. Connecting with people has been awesome and in this short time the account has grown to 1,000 followers (I actually hit this milestone this morning!). Lately I’ve also been getting about 100 new followers every day. And our Twitter generated website traffic is also growing rapidly.

I yet have to learn what the conversion rates will be on this traffic, but there is no question in my mind that a few thousand Twitter followers one day will result in some extra book sales and book editing jobs. But more important, I’ve also found a very positive side effect from tweeting. 140 characters forces me to become a better author! Not only am I now encouraged to consistently provide quality content, I also must do so in as few words as possible.

In hindsight I think the latter is a good enough reason for any author to jump on the Twitter train. Besides of course that authors need a platform and Twitter is a platform that currently offer over 550 million users.

So if Twitter worked so well for me, what did I do to get 1,000 followers and how can you add to your following more rapidly than I did?

The first key is to set up your account with the following three things in mind:

  1. Promote with a Picture. Add a picture of yourself that represents you as a brand. If possible, use a picture that will draw people to your profile. Don’t be shy. Instead be personal or even consider something that will stick out a little bit.
  2. Grab Attention with the Bio. After seeing your picture the next thing people do is to read your bio. Now you have the chance to advertise why people should follow you. Spend some time optimizing this text and your chances of developing a following will increase dramatically.
  3. Include a Website Link. The 140 character bio has its limitations. To increase your chances to connect with your followers, include a link to your website. Not only will this generate traffic, it will also enable your followers to see more of who you are and what you stand for.

Once the account is properly set up, the second key step is to connect, interact and produce content. Here is what I do:

  1. Start Tweeting. If you don’t provide any quality content, few will follow you and even fewer will keep you on their following list very long. Tweets that include a picture, a link, 2 hashtags or a question tend to get the highest engagement rates. Also, asking for a “retweet” skyrockets your chances that others will share your tweet. It might sound much at first, but shoot for at least 4 tweets with valuable content every day. Don’t do more than 12.
  2. Start following others. Once you have a few tweets made, start following friends and family. Wait until they follow you back and then follow similar minded people, people in your target market. ManageFlitter is an awesome tool for this. Statistically about 30% will follow you back. But Twitter doesn’t want you to mass-follow people, so don’t get too smart about this. Read and follow Twitters’ rules carefully so you don’t get banned!Click on this link to learn more
  3. Hook up Your Phone. A tweet is very similar to a SMS. As such it’s a technology that is much more fun when you stay connected and interact with people real-time. So my warmest recommendation is that you get Twitter set up on your phone. Build connections and over time your followership will grow exponentially.
  4. Consider Getting an App. If you are anything like me, your time is limited. The Hootsuite App is an awesome way to make your tweeting (and other social media) activities more effective.  With this app you can simply sit down once a week (or as seldom as you want) and schedule the content you want to broadcast via tweets. That way, all you need to do on a day-to-day basis is to enjoy interacting with others.

As you probably can tell, I’m very excited about all this and I think you will be also, if you just try it out. If you get started today and get 100 new followers every day, you can have another or maybe even your first 3,000 Twitter followers in the next 30 days. And a year from now that pace will result in 36,500 followers!

So get started today and join me in my 100 Twitter followers per day challenge. Head over to Twitter right now and then connect with me on @nickbrodd. Just send me a message and I’ll for sure be following you back.

Welcome to the challenge. It’s on!

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  1. Thanks Nick. I’m enjoying your numbered writing tips on Twitter: a well-paced way of delivering ideas.

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