How I Went from 1,000 to 10,352 Twitter Followers in 39 Days

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From dumb to awesome. That’s how my perception of Twitter evolved in just eight months. This radical swing in mindset is simply because of something as simple as it is factual.

Hi, My name is Nick Brodd and today, Twitter generates about 30% of traffic to It’s by far our largest source of new traffic. Quite frankly, I could end this article here. This alone makes Twitter worthwhile, especially as it is free, but there are many awesome things happening.

On December 10, 2013, I had 1,000 Twitter followers. Today, 39 days later, my followers ballooned to 10,000. Engagement has also grown rapidly. My retweet reach is now over 400,000 people per week. And I get so many mentions and direct messages that it’s a bit hard to keep up with them.

More importantly, I get several messages each week from people who want to do business with us and people who want to interview me. People are now coming to me, not the other way around. A marketer’s dream! I’m not sure if this growth is sustainable, but it’s easy to be excited about the rapid progress.

I didn’t just start tweeting. I did some research before my account took off. In this article, I wrote how I gained 1,000 Twitter followers. What I wrote there turned out to be surprisingly accurate.  If you haven’t already, I suggest you read it first, especially if you’re a Twitter newbie like I was.

Today I want to share with you what I’ve learned since then.

  1. Your Billboard. Most people read from top to bottom, left to right. On Twitter, people therefore see your MeTweetpicture before they see your posts. I suggest you leverage this to strike a chord with people. I have a photo of my son and me there and received an awesome amount of nice comments about it. And as you can see on the picture here, I’m not getting these messages because I’m cute! I’m getting them because I shared something personal. People want to connect with real people, those they believe they can like and trust. Your picture should help you establish trust.
  2. Your Ad Copy. The next opportunity to grab attention is your bio. Be personal. I like to throw in a bit of fun as well. Here is what I currently have: BioTweet
  3. Follow Hashtags. Tweets with hashtags get double the engagement. Most of us know hashtags are a must. But they are also a great way to connect with like-minded people. Make it a habit to connect with people who consistently use the same hashtags as you. The follow-back rate with this is exceptional. ManageFlitter is an awesome tool for this. 
  4. Your Competitor Follows. People have advised me to follow my competitors’ followers. I’ve had mixed results with this. Many of the people my competitors’ followers are from Russia and India. I welcome people from all nations. But I can’t target everyone so my target market is those from English-speaking countries with a high GDP per capita. So that’s where my efforts are going. Also, many competitors follow less people than their followers. But the people they follow seem to be more aligned with my target market. So from time to time, I follow a couple of interesting people my competitors follow. That’s my approach.

There is nothing magical about my approach. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work either. My target is to add 100 followers per day, but recently, this approach has brought me about 150 new followers every day. I sincerely think you can get thousands of Twitter followers by doing the same.

But my questions, is of course: What can I do to sustain and grow my following and engagement further? Here are the things I’ll improve upon.

  1. Post Pictures. I barely post pictures. This is a major mistake as posts with pictures generate twice the engagement.
  2. Reuse Old Content. I seldom post content twice. But my platform is growing. It’s unlikely that the majority of my followers all see a post. The few times I reposted something, it turned out great.
  3. Interact more. Other things keep me busy so I haven’t been interacting enough on Twitter lately. This is bad manners and poor business judgment. The lack of interaction also makes tweeting less fun.
  4. Other’s Content. Pretty much all content I share is my or writersrise’s work. But sharing other people’s content will not only increase my followers’ experience with my account, it will also over time improve my relationships with others in the industry. Only good things can come from that.

So that’s what I’ll be working on. While doing so, I hope I hear back from you about what’s working for you right now. Chat with you soon!

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I am a productivity enthusiast, family man, author, executive and entrepreneur. However, the titles I’m most proud of are: 1. Husband 2. Co-creator of the world’s best twin boy and girl. :)

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