How My Author Brand Started to Blossom

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Hi, Al Bargen here. Whether you are thinking about, are in the process of, or have already written your book, you have probably read a few things about branding. Because without it, you will hardly make any sales. And after finally getting your book written and published, making sales must be the highest priority on the agenda.

A hard truth
Many first-time authors self-publish and expect the sales to start rolling in. I hate to break it to you, but this is simply not how it works. Your customers or audience needs a reason to buy from you, and this starts with your brand.

It starts with making a connection with your audience. As mentioned previously, your branding isn’t simply your marketing message that you direct to the world, it’s what your potential customers think of you.

Having difficulty developing your brand? Branding is about making connections. If people don’t know who you are, they have no reason to like or trust you. So here are three critical questions that helped me getting my brand story together…

  1. Your Superpowers. This can be difficult to discern. But face it, you are with yourself all the time and may even take your natural talents for granted. People typically have a handful of “gifts” or skills that just seem to come naturally to them. Make a list of all of these. If this is not coming easy, ask your family and friends what their thoughts are on the subject. Ask yourself what activities you can perform effortlessly. Then use this in your branding, telling people who you are.
  2. Your Code. What is important to you? Think of all the books you have read, or movies you have watched. Of all the characters that you admired the most, what qualities did they possess? Why was this important to you? What was their code of conduct? The answers to these questions will go a long way to revealing your values. Communicate them to the world. Let them know what you stand for!
  3. Your Mission. You can spend a lifetime searching for the answer to this question. Many people give up, and if you are still unclear, I urge you to persist. Personally, I’m on the mission of leaving a ‘comfortable’ job that I could have easily worked for the next 25 years, and then retired. Instead I am pursuing my true purpose in life – building my own business and writing books.

Once you uncover the answers to these questions, you will have more vivid stories to tell your audience and your author brand will bud like the flowers in the spring time. As it develops, you will gain more clarity of your brand’s identity. It is at this ripe stage that you can market your authentic message to the world, and share your unique blend of talent, value system, and purpose that will surely speak to, and engage your audience in ways that will win them over.

Question: Do you have your talents, values, and purpose clearly written down, or articulated?

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  1. These are very valid and important points. To build a platform, you need to do some digging and soulful work and this post is a very powerful reminder of that.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Dorit Sasson

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