How To Attract Book Buyers via Blog Posts Before the Launch

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Hi my name is Al Bargen. Marketing your book starts well before it’s on the shelf. One of the best ways to get the word out regarding your up-and-coming book release, is writing about it on your blog.

For instance, when you find yourself on the Writers Rise site, it is no secret that we’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in the publishing industry and that the book “Hard Core Soft Cover”, where we’ll teach you how to create your hard-hitting fast-selling book in 30 hours or less is about to be released.

Boring blog posts will not cut it. You want to write quality posts to promote your knowledge, your business or perhaps the product or service you wrote about. This is all about generating interested future readers that will be anticipating your book; eager for its arrival.

Top five things to keep in mind when posting about your upcoming book.

  1. Write an interesting, and engaging post containing original content. This demonstrates that you are an authority in your niche. You cannot merely claim to be an authority. The content you put out on your blog will do all the talking for you.
  2. Avoid large blocks of text. Keep your paragraphs at a manageable length. Your readers may want to skim the content to pick up just the points of interesting data that they are searching for. Shorter paragraphs makes this easier for your reader. They will appreciate this, and not hesitate to search your content in the future.
  3. You do not want to spend the entire post bragging about yourself, or attempting to sell the potential reader. This will turn them off. Provide useful information for your reader to engage the trust factor. If you are constantly in “promote mode,” your readers will tire, and move on.
  4. Post to your blog on a regular basis. Rich Content generation is key. There are different perspectives on how often to post to your blog. We suggest a minimum of two times per week, certainly no less than two times monthly.
  5. Do not hold back. No matter how much precise and detailed information you give your readers for free on your blog, they will always assume you are holding back your best kept secrets for your paid products. They will be looking for those ‘secrets’ in your up-coming book which will be less condensed and will explain things in more detail.

Yes, this book is about pre-selling your book but I am also suggesting that you do not over-sell your upcoming book in the main content of the post. Chances are that the book you are getting ready to release is not the first one on the subject. So the main body of your blog post should be used to position yourself and refer to your unique and special perspective/angle on this particular topic. Share stories about yourself and how you’ve solved problems from your perspective in this niche.

These are the things your reader wants. After all, what do you look for when you are reading someone else’s material?

Be the blog-posting poster child.

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