How To Quickly Get Info Into Evernote

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Hi Nick Brodd here. As you’ve seen in my last couple of posts, I’m a big Evernote fan. In a simple way it makes me a much more productive writer, blogger and business man. Better yet it’s got the memory of an elephant and it always enables me to find what I’ve stored.

But just like all powerful tools, it can take some time to learn all its features. Quite frankly, for years I did nothing but write notes and store web articles in it, because I simply thought that’s all it was designed for.

Admittedly I wasn’t the quickest study on the topic and could have done more research to enhance my use much earlier. But by now, I’ve discovered ten different quick ways to get my content into Evernote:

  1. Write. The easiest way to create an Evernote note is to type. I use this approach consistently to brainstorm, create meeting notes and just like I’m doing right now, write blog posts.
  2. Mail. As you sign up for Evernote, you’ll get a unique email address from them. This enables you to forward any information you want into Evernote via email. I primarily use this to collect blog posts, but it’s also a great way to store any important correspondence.
  3. Clip All. Whenever I stumble upon an interesting blog post or web page, I use the Evernote extension for Chrome to clip the entire post or page directly into Evernote. The extension allows me to quickly assign the info to a notebook and add any relevant tags so it’s easy to find later when I need it. If you’re not a Chrome user, relax. Evernote has these Web Clippers for most big-name browsers.
  4. Snippet Clip. Sometimes, I just want to save a snippet of a blog post, like a quote or an anecdote. In Chrome I can simply mark the text and then right-click the text and send it straight to Evernote.
  5. Copy & Paste. Same as above, I may just want to save a snippet of a word document or an email. For this I just select the text, copy it, and then paste it into a new note.
  6. Save Files. If you’ve got the premium version of Evernote, you can pick any file with the mouse and just drag it and drop it into an Evernote note. If you’re using the free version like me, you’re limited to PDF files, images and audio files.
  7. Scan. There is a specific Evernote scanner called SnapScan that will scan papers straight into Evernote. This is practical of course, but these cost more than $400. A more affordable solution is to scan your documents into PDF format and save them into Evernote that way.
  8. Record Audio. Whenever you’re not in a position to type (which admittedly for me isn’t very often) you can use the audio recording function to record a note to yourself. Or you can use it to record other material, but make sure you understand the applicable laws when recording someone or something other than yourself.
  9. Take Photos. I take pictures of things I want to remember. Whether it’s information on a whiteboard, a picture of something you want to buy or some statistic you want to remember from the newspaper, Evernote let’s you take a photo and make it easy to find later. As a bonus, Evernote actually indexes all the text in your photos.
  10. Automatic Import. I didn’t know about this function until very recently. But you can create a folder on your computer, where the files automatically get added to Evernote. It took me less than 10 minutes to set it up on my PC. Well worth my time! Here’s how you do it on a PC. (Sorry, Mac-users I don’t know how you’d do it).

The more I use Evernote, the more uses I find for it. And today Evernote is an effective enhancement to my brain. The above list should of course not be seen as an all or nothing approach. However, I do encourage you to start familiarizing yourself with the different ways to quickly capture information into this system.

Learn which tool is best for each job and you’ll quickly get more productive.

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