How To Start Branding Yourself – Especially If You’re an Author

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These days, anyone can get a website and as a result, almost everyone does. So how does the budding author or writer stand out with all the clutter that is the world-wide web these days?

Correct branding, that’s how. So what, and where do you start? Whether your book is newly finished, or if you’ve just started formulating your outline, you must consider your brand.

The key is to be intentional, or people will draw their own conclusions about what your brand is. One quick way to find out if your branding is working, is to Google yourself. It’s Al Bargen here, and one of my coaches often asks people who want to succeed in online information marketing the following question; “Are you Google-able?” What shows up when you press enter?

Certainly, one of the very first things a potential reader may do is Google your book, or your name. What will they see? Try it right now. When I perform the “Google test” on myself, the top ten results are as follows….

  1. My LinkedIn profile
  2. My personal blog
  3. My Amazon author page
  4. Video of me explaining some martial arts technique
  5. Video of me onstage receiving an award for my “Cheeseburger Abs” book
  6. My YouTube Channel
  7. Images of Al Bargen
  8. My referral capture site
  9. My Cheeseburger Abs Twitter page
  10. My author profile on Goodreads

That is the top ten.  In fact, out of the first two pages of results, there are only 3 items that aren’t me. Large sites that allow you to put up profiles rank high, so take advantage of that fact. Get your book on Amazon and fill out your author profile. It’s a great way to position your brand. In fact it’s so excellent that it’s almost alone a good reason to finish your own book.

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter will also naturally rank high. You have these profiles correct? But beware. It is not enough to have these profiles reserved in your name. The big question is what content you have on your profiles.

Do they speak to your brand, and are they reasonably consistent across the board? The best part of this stage in the branding game, is that you control this part of the message. Check back for a detailed post on how to fill these out to optimize your branding message.

So to be clear, a great start on an awesome brand is to make sure people can find you easily. The next part of the branding package is your message. This is where you put your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and your values to work in a consistent message through social media sites and across all other platforms.

The last step is about learning. It’s a matter of understanding how the end reader, or client perceives your suggested message and then tweaking the message until it is working perfectly for you. As mentioned before, your brand is not so much what you say it is… Your Brand Is…

  • What separates you from your competition, your USP
  • A vision that speaks to your book, or company
  • Something that lives in the thoughts and mind of your readers
  • Your color scheme
  • Your logo, and/or mascot
  • Your value, or mission statement repeated in different venues, and
  • delivery consistency

Ultimately, branding is the well thought out or intentional control over all of the above. How have you started your brand? How do you plan to brand from this point onward?

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Al is known as the Fit Martial Writer. He's the operations manager at and is also a fat loss and martial arts coach.

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