The Distraction Solutions For Writers

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We all face massive distractions these days. Everything is geared to pulling our attention away from what we want to be doing. Texts always going off, phone calls coming in from every device, and computers filled with distractions. The Internet can be helpful but it’s also a distraction. TV is a distraction machine with thousands of channels each with their own hook to grab you and keep you in your chair.

So what is a writer meant to do to get some privacy these days?

It’s not only the common distractions that pull us back. Life can do it too. If there is a personal issue that needs to be sorted, your computer breaks or you stub your toe, (which sends you into a horrible moo, all this distraction means we need a plan.

The plan will give you time to focus on your writing with no distractions. Find a set time every day when you feel you are most productive. The most common time is when you first wake, preferably early before anyone else is up. This way you have very little distractions. Some other writers are most focused in the evening before bed so try both and see where you are more comfortable.

First plan out your breaks. Yes, your breaks are vitally important to your health and well being. They recharge your brain and keep you creative and healthy, and without your breaks you won’t get any writing done anyway. Remeber also that sitting for long periods is unhealthy, so get up often, even if only for a moment. Plan in your weekends into your monthly and yearly calendar. Then plan in you daily breaks. You may want 11am until 4pm every day completely free. The breaks will be unique to everyone. Never plan your breaks during your productive times because those times are perfect for writing.

Now that you have planned your breaks, it’s time to plan your planning time. Every Sunday or Friday you should have 2 hours for planning and reviewing. The planning time is when you will plan your next breaks and work for the next week or month, depending on the length of your project. Now you should have your breaks planned, and your planning time planned, which means you will have planned the times to plan your next breaks. Perfect. Now you can plan your writing time.

Those productive hours that you figured out for yourself, that’s when you set your times. It could be 4 hours in the morning or it could be 2 hours in the evening. Whatever the time is, make sure it’s completely cut off and made focused on your one project. No one is allowed to disturb you during this time. It may take some getting used to, but everyone will soon catch on and respect your special time.

During this pure focused time, switch off your phone. Not just on silent, but completely off. Then turn off your Internet. Close down every single window that isn’t being used, and preferably use a writing software like OmmWriter to focus your writing. Then write without editing. Do. Not. Edit. Editing your work as you write will kill your productivity and flow.

This plan is the ultimate focus plan for writers. Plan your breaks, plan your planning and then plan your focus time. No distractions during focus time, except for extreme emergencies. When you have this system down properly which may take a few weeks of adjustment, you will be more productive with your writing than ever before.

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