Three Key Points to Growing an Author Audience

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Hi this is Nick Brodd and whenever I coach authors, one of the most common frustrations expressed is how to grow sales. And this is true regardless if the author is a first time publisher or has written several books.

Due to this situation Writers Rise offers reviews of book launch strategies and the author’s web sites and social media channels. That way we help authors assess what areas can be improved to maximize their target audience exposure.

To prepare for this review, we ask the author to share their personal challenges. The result is often that they are unable to sustain any consistent audience growth. The book reaches a certain level, and then their sales either plateau or fall.

If you can identify with these authors, then the first good news is that you are not alone. The better news is that the problem can be fixed. There is usually one or more of three basic reasons authors cannot grow their audience.

Below I’ve gathered a list that will help you identify these problems.

Problem #1 – Your Target.

Having done a considerable amount of counseling and coaching authors, few people come right out and say that their target audience is “everyone”. But the long answer to the question of who the target audience is often amounts to – you guessed it “everyone”.

A target audience is a narrow group of people who meet a certain criteria. It’s first when this group is defined that forward progress can be made. A good start is to do a survey using either SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy to discover who is currently reading your blog or following you on social media.

In the following post I covered the questions to ask (click here).

Problem #2 – Your Voice.

Just as you want to learn about your existing customers, they want to learn about you. It is therefore essential that you consistently communicate “the real you” – not somebody you wish you were.

Do you for instance have a proven record of success so you can you speak with the voice of an expert or authority? Or have you perhaps not yet achieved a high level of success and instead are someone who is going through the same struggles as your reader? Then write from the perspective of a fellow traveller, a traveler that have not yet arrived at the destination.

Do some soul-seraching and identify who you are and the voice you should use.

Problem #3 – Your Key Real Estate

Social media platforms are someone elses property. While the rent may currently even be free, you are on rented land. If you want to be in control of your own destiny you need to get your audience over to your own real estate.

Your website is of course a key part of your real estate portfolio, but it seems to surprise some people that your email list actually is your most valuable real estate. Why? Because an email list allows you at any time to visit your audience. You don’t have to bet on them coming to visit you. It enables you to reach your customer at a place where many spend a surprising amount of time; their inbox.


So create an incentive for people to sign up to your e-mail list and place it prominently on your website.

If you want better results, you obviously need to be willing to try new approaches. I hope these three tips will help you get to the next level and the level after that.

Question: What is the reason you are not growing your audience as fast as you want?

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