Tips for Blogging for Branding

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As part of the ongoing effort here at Writers Rise to provide ‘author Branding’ information, here is a quick list of 18 tips. These are specific to using your blog as part of you branding effort.

1. Choose an easy to say URL. No dashes or weird symbols. Imagine yourself sharing your blog’s URL to a group of readers. They have to be able to get it right the first time you say it.

2. Choose a professional looking template. The basic templates are fine for starting out but you need to upgrade your look soon enough so that your blog suits the main look and feel of your brand.

3. Interact with your readers. When they comment, don’t moderate them. Instead, write back and interact with them.

4. Get inspired. Read books, listen to music, take a walk, exercise, meditate and write your ideas down. You’re going to need a lot of topics to write about when you write on your blog.

5. Focus on a single niche. If you focus on a general approach, you’ll eventually run out of ideas. Let’s say for example you’re going to blog about marketing. You’d think there are so many things to write about but after exhausting all the general topics of advertising, direct mail, strategy, Internet marketing, etc., you’d burn out. Better focus on a single, narrower topic and attract those readers who are truly interested.

6. Read other blogs, newspapers, trade journals and watch and listen to TV and radio programs to keep you updated on your field, so that you’ll know what to write about.

7. Take a customer question posted in the comments and blog the answer.

8. Write about your personal life from time to time. Just be careful not to overdo it. And only write about what makes you comfortable. When you write about your life, you add a human element to your brand and inspire readers to trust you more. Remember, branding is about creating relationships. And to create relationships, you need to be personable.

9. Write list posts. These are favorites in the blogosphere. People will never get tired of list posts they can quickly skim over and easily find the information they are looking for. Plus, if you run out of topics to write about, just take one of the items in your list posts and write about that.

10. Write how to posts. These are specific teaching posts where you show your readers exactly what to do to achieve a goal. Like list posts, these are never going to go stale.

11. Write authority posts. These are where you philosophize on the current market trends, situations and maybe even make predictions on the industry. These posts demonstrate that you have the right knowledge and skill to share your insights and opinions about the industry.

12. Respond to a news article or another blog post by another author. Not only will this give you an almost unlimited supply of topics to write about, you will also get noticed by other bloggers in your niche.

13. Write for people and the search engines. Things to consider = time on site, bounce rate and click-through rates. To ensure that your readers stay on your blog, keep adding high-quality fresh content.

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