Top Tips On Finishing Writing Assignments On Time

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Choosing writing as a profession is a very rewarding career path; it can also have its ups and down just like any other job. Writers have the ability to hone their craft every day and be very creative, which is a great outlet for sharing your viewpoints with the world. Often, you may come across a rough patch of work where you just want to complete your assignments, but are experiencing some writer’s block. It is easy to become overwhelmed, but the good news is it happens to every writer and there are ways to combat it head on and stay productive throughout your work week.

How to Get Your Writing Completed on Time:

• Is there a method to selecting which articles to complete first? This is a great place to start; get organized with all of your deadlines and make a chart so that you know what is ahead of you. You can also keep track of your progress along the way to keep your motivated. This can make it easier to tackle your longer projects initially, that way the big stressful ones are finalized and you can breeze through the smaller pieces. You can also sort your chart by client, finishing up each list of projects per client then you can invoice along the way accordingly.

Jot down a few notes, and get in the habit of doing this practice. Often, the articles or stories you need to complete are on topics that you already know a little something about. Take five minutes before sitting down to configure to writing and make a bullet point list to have small paragraphs to touch base on. Obviously, the bigger the project, the more detailed an outline you need, but you get the idea.

Use modern technology to assist you in getting your work done quicker. Ask any professional writer what the biggest annoyance is for them, and lots will complain of having to type so much per day. There are endless resources online for products that will allow you speak into a microphone and type the words out for you. This prevents taking longer to complete writing assignments for many authors who type slower and also prevents sore hands and carpal tunnel. We cover this extensively in our book Hard Core Soft Cover.

Block out the world– do not let smartphones and emails keep you from getting your work done. It can be tempting to check Facebook, or answer client emails, or even text you sister back; but you have a job to do and the sooner you finish it for the day the sooner you have all the free time in the world to do as you please. Sit in a quiet, well-lit room, even a space that promotes thinking such as a library or office. Put your devices on a “do not disturb” mode and get started on your week’s writing projects.

Yes a lot of this information is posted in other articles on this site, but some themes need to be addressed multiple times to get the message to sink in. Also, take the advice of Bruce Lee, and absorb what is useful. Not all suggestions work for every personality type. Give some of these a try, and adjust as you move forward in your writing. You will find that over time, you develop a “personal writing habit” that is somewhat unique to you. Enjoy this process, and thanks for reading.

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