Two Success Habits for 2014

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I wasn’t born under the right star and I certainly didn’t use to be this way, but these days I never stop. I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning! I’m on an awesome mission and it’s a journey filled with joy, passion and energy.

But unfortunately many people I meet tell me that they don’t feel the same way. In fact, they say they don’t even know where to begin. They tell me they never had the tools, the strategies, the road maps and/or the right mentor or coach.

And the truth is that there are vibrant patterns that lead to success, while there are clear habits that will make you fail. While knowing how to certainly is critical, you’ll also need the right mindset and to take action. So what was my shortcut? I simply learned from people that were already more successful than me. The thing that really makes the most difference in my life is how I start my day.

I start the day following very carefully and continuously selected habits. I wake up at 4 am every weekday. Right away I drink a big glass of water, which helps me get hydrated (= energy). Then I exercise (more energy!) while listening to an audio book or a podcast (learning!). When I am done with that, I start working on my most important task: most days = writing.

As you can see, step by step I leverage every minute to get the most out of it. Each minute is design with the highest productivity in mind. As I said earlier, I didn’t use to have this amount of passion and energy. In fact, I used to be more likely to go to bed at 4 am then to wake up at that time.

It took me quite some time to develop all the routines I follow today. And I’m not recommending that you go from none to implementing many. Instead I suggest starting small.

If you are not a morning person, make the commitment to get up an hour earlier next month. Or maybe just move the alarm clock back 2 minutes every day. Or if you already are a morning person, make sure you leverage that first or few hours squeezing the most long-term success out of them.

A best practice here is to design the exact routine you want to develop into a habit. Writing every step down. Then print it out and follow it every morning until you know it by heart.

I am a firm believer that one single person can change the path of history either their own or for mankind. 2014 can be the start of a new beginning for you. So grab the opportunity and get off to a great start of the New Year. Use your early morning routine to catapult 2014 into your most successful year ever.

Question: What’s your New Years resolution going to be?

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I am a productivity enthusiast, family man, author, executive and entrepreneur. However, the titles I’m most proud of are: 1. Husband 2. Co-creator of the world’s best twin boy and girl. :)
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