Which Social Media Platform is Best for Authors?

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Hi my name is Nick Brodd. I was late to join the social media wave. To make up for lost ground, I decided to get a good coach. This “guru” had hundreds of thousands of followers across different social media platforms. So when I was told to focus my efforts on Facebook because it is the largest platform on Earth, I blindly followed the advice.

That was a mistake! I took some marketing classes in college and should have known better than to trust such loosely founded advice. But as a social media newbie, it took me a few months of trial and error to realize I followed very bad advice.

Have you ever heard a marketer say they would never market on radio because TV has a larger audience? Or that they would never advertise on one TV channel because another has more viewers? I don’t think so, because it would be just as dumb as to say that Facebook is best because it is the biggest.

I’d love it if all one billion Facebook users were my obtainable target market. But still, even if they all were, there is a problem. The old days of organic traffic on Facebook seems to be vanishing. For your posts to be seen, you’ll have to start promoting them. You have to pay Facebook to share your content with your potential customers, whether they liked your page or not.

I rarely make predictions but I think Facebook is at risk of losing traffic. Recent developments in its algorithm, the code that decides what content you see in your news feed, might result in Facebook losing its users who are interested in seeing solid content, such as blog posts, pictures and videos. Instead, Facebook likes distributing short one-sentence posts, unless you decide to pay to get your content seen.

I might be wrong, but for instance I think Writers Rise’s target audience such as authors, Internet marketers and executives prefer to read more than just a few sentences. With Facebook shifting its focus away from users towards what makes them money in the short run, people might shift away from Facebook to other platforms. After all, how can you learn about complex topics such as book launching or content development from a post of one or two sentences, without even a link to a more substantial article or video?

We don’t know if this will come true, but we find this trend serious enough to evaluate if we need to realign Writers Rise’s social media strategy. Facebook used to be our primary social media platform, but we are now testing if we should put more emphasis on Google+. You can check out my profile here. And as you might have seen, I’ve been very active on Twitter lately (please follow me). So far, we are having much better return with Twitter than with Facebook. The question now is if we should shift some focus towards Google+?

We are very excited about the quick movement we’ve managed to create in just a few weeks with Twitter and Google+ and we will continue to keep you posted on our findings. If you, like the many writers we’ve talked to, are considering making a shift yourself, start testing. Don’t just jump the gun. Test several platforms in parallel and see which ones give better results.

Question: Which Social Media platform do you consider best for authors?

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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