Why I Use These 23 Websites for My Book Launch (And Maybe You Should Too)

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Hi my name is Nick Brodd and I am here to tell you that it doesn’t take much money to make money. Your book launch for instance doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, if you don’t want to.

Last week I mentioned that I think KDP Select should be in the center of such strategy. The core reason being that it can boost your Amazon search ranking and bestseller list ranking (see here if you missed it).

But couple KDP Select promotions with external traffic and you might have a real winner. You see, your 5 day KDP promotion will generate more traffic to your book inside the Amazon site. But when you generate external traffic to Amazon they start boosting your ranks to new heights.

Today you’ll see how I’ll generate traffic by getting our new book mentioned on websites that are dedicated to giving away free Kindle books. You see people love free stuff and they are hoovering these free book websites every day. I’m not saying that these by any means are your ideal customers. But their downloads count towards your Amazon best seller ranking and as discussed in the earlier post that is what counts during your KDP Select promotion.

Finding the right free giveaway websites for your book is key of course. There are literally hundreds of them out there and we’ve done our research. We reviewed and rated about two hundred of them already. The following scored the highest as sites that are good for just about everyone:

  1. Book Angel
  2. Book Goodies
  3. Book Pinning
  4. ContentMo Free eBooks
  5. eBookLister
  6. eReader iQ
  7. eReader Perks
  8. Free & Discounted Books
  9. Free Book Dude
  10. Free Books
  11. Free Books Hub
  12. Free Digital Reads
  13. Free eBooks Daily
  14. Free Kindle Books
  15. Get Free eBooks
  16. Hunt 4 Freebies
  17. iLoveEbooks
  18. Indie Book of the Day
  19. It’s Write Now
  20. Pin Your Book
  21. Pixel of Ink
  22. Talisman Book Publishing
  23. Your Daily Ebooks

The best of it all? Pretty much all of these will list your book for free on their site! One of the keys here is to start your preparations early. Some websites require you to contact them a whole month in advance of your launch. Most of them also require that you already have a number of 4 or 5 star reviews.

The more pages you get mentioned on, the more likely it is that your book will surge to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. Our recommendation is therefore that you at least go for 30 listings in total. So on top of using these sites you might also want to do some searches for free Kindle book pages in your particular niche.

Each listing that I did took me less than half an hour. So posting on 30 sites will most likely take me less than 15 hours. In other terms it is not exceptionally time consuming task and it is a task that can be done free.

What I’m doing now though and what I’m recommending you do, is to consider delegating this simple task to a good Social Media assistant. After all, if you spend $3 an hour this task will cost you less than $50 and you can instead focus on more valuable tasks.

So that’s the tip for today. Couple the use of free Kindle webpages with your KDP select launch, then if possible outsource the work and you will with very limited efforts see your Amazon search ranking and best seller ranking start soaring.

In my next posts I’ll be covering some tips on how we further can enhance these rankings via social media and via web forums. So stay tuned! But before then, I’d appreciate if you could let me know which free Kindle pages you use when you launch your books and which ones are working best?

Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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