Why You Must Rapidly Market Your Book with Social Media

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Hi, I am Al Bargen. If you think social media is just some flash in the pan that’s going to disappear soon, guess again. Social media continues to increase by leaps and bounds. You will be best served by paying attention. And if you have just written a book, or are thinking about it, social media can benefit you tremendously.

Anyone who embraced social media in its infancy has reaped tremendous rewards. They are miles ahead. Looking forward, we will see some authors that surge forward and grow. Will you be one of them? Will your book beat the odds, and earn more than it cost to produce?

The number of users on Facebook continues to increase, while more and more blogs are popping up. The statistics on the amount of video that is uploaded to Youtube not just daily, but by the minute is staggering.

If you’re not one of the people that particiapte, your competitor might very well have an up on you. It’s time to act.

Attributes of social media book marketing

The best way to understand how social media can help you to market your book is to look at each of its components.

  • Your Connections: Social media is all about being connected with other people. It’s about connecting with your readers and hopefully also with the people they know. Or why not with your resources and references that you used and cited in your book? Social media can simlpy grow your power and influence and that can only be a good thing for an author, right?
  • Your Willingness to be Human: The stronger your relationships are, the more likely it is that people will buy from you. Social media sites thrive on comments, interaction and sharing of experiences and feelings. If you interact as a real human being, you will make friends.
  • Your Communication: Traditionally, your authors’ media messages would be more of a one-way communication. But social media is not just about being a chatterbox. It’s also about being open and available to listen and interact with others. Participate and the quality of your book content and relationships will improve.
  • Your Niche Community: Social media enables everyone to share and give personal stories and feedback. Your author message, and the audiences’ participation blends together and your common interests surrounding your books’ subject matter come together to form an online community of like-minded individuals. If you’re clever about it, your authority will increase and so will your number of paying customers.

We think that you need to jump on the social media train as soon as possible, but if you are late in joining the social media game, we can assure you that we were as well. We joined the game less than 6 months ago. But in this short time social media has become a real key to Writers Rise. Today it generates over half of our web traffic and helps us generate a potential reach of about half a million people every week.

As we now are just about to launch Hard Core Soft Cover, we will start leveraging these relationships. I warmly welcome you to join us on our journey, as we hopefully launch this book into the best-selling stratosphere. So please check back as we’ll cover every detail here on this blog in all its guts and glory.

Question: What is your biggest mystery regarding launching your book? Please share.

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