Your Blog May Be the Key to Your Ultimate Success

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Hi, Al Bargen here and we’re nearing the end of the launch of Hard Core Soft Cover. Today I’m a bit shameless, so please forgive me.

The launch has been an overwhelming success.

But instead of staying focused on that and flying too close to the sun, it brought me to reflect on how this whole thing got started in the first place.

Nick and I met while we were both in the middle of our own separate writing projects. We decided to help each other out, and after a period of time we decided to author a book together. After all we were putting the Writers Rise blog together, and writing a book seemed to be a natural step.

Do You Have a Blog?

While we haven’t done it this way yet, I’m starting to think that we could leverage all the content we create better. We could just turn our existing blog posts into a book!

Getting your blog page views, comments from some loyal fans and maybe some AdSense revenue is nice. But why not take things to the next level?

If you’re a prolific blogger with a solid readership base and what you say carry some weight, turning your blog into a book is both a natural and sensible thing to do, especially if you’re keen on becoming a published author.

The decision to “book it” (in web speak) is the easiest part of the process. But there’s more to this than just combining all the posts and adding a spiffy book cover. There should be a method to this madness.

Here’s what my research and thoughts on the topic tells me we should all do:

  1. Pick your angle. Naturally, you choose a popular angle with a lot of traction. But differentiate your book from books in the same genre by putting a new spin on it.
  2. Mine your blog for posts that fit your angle. Not all your post will or should make the cut. So maybe your blog categories and tags can help you narrow down the list of posts to include in the book?
  3. Organize posts by chapters. Now you can combine several posts into one chapter. Just make sure that the transition is seamless so it won’t read like disjointed chunks of paragraphs. Putting an awesome title per chapter is of course also a nice critical touch.
  4. Fill in the gaps. If after all the sorting, arranging, and selecting, you still feel there is something missing, fill in the gaps by writing new blog content. Now you’ll not only have new blog entries, but you’ll also have new content for your book.
  5. Revise and edit. Last but not least, like any other manuscript, this book needs to be revised and edited until it is ready for publication.

‘Blog to book’ is one way to establish yourself as an author. And blogging puts you at an advantage as you already create a ready audience. Consider it as stepping up your game.

(BTW: you can still get the book free until the end of Friday. Read this previous post on how to win a brand new Kindle Fire as well)

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